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Ovations Performing Arts Conservatory is building a community of technically trained performers and would love for you to join us! Our mission is to create a positive and safe family atmosphere to help support artistic growth and the love of performing arts. We welcome people of all backgrounds, shapes, colors and sizes!


We are the newest performing arts center in South Orange County, with a varied lineup of productions from classic to cutting edge.

Check out our classes in musical theater, acting, and voice, for all ages and levels of performers. Thank you so much for checking us out! We'd love to hear from you or help you if you have any questions. Please reach out or visit us at our location in Rancho Santa Margarita.

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Minerva Duffell


Deb Stranahan

Professional Vocal Instructor


My daughter has been involved in a couple musicals at Ovations over the last year and hopefully more in the future.  She loves it and has made some sweet friends.  Minerva is amazing and makes it so fun for the kids and the directors have all been wonderful.  We have tried other places and nothing compares to Ovations.

"My daughter has been part of Ovations for several years.  We love the family atmosphere, the caliper of the shows and the experience that she is getting.  

She has grown so much."

My daughters joined Ovations over a year ago. It has been such a positive experience for them both. They have had an amazing time performing in various shows. They have learned so much about performing, singing, and dance throughout their experience. The best part though has been seeing the friendships they have formed that will last a life time. It truly is an amazing place for children of all abilities to perform.

Christina B.


Pennie W.


Lindy D.


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