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Policies & Procedures


Ovations is a safe space for your child to experiment and grow as an artist. We foster a supportive environment, and have a strict code of conduct. We pride ourselves on providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere where students, family members, staff, volunteers, guests, and patrons behave with respect for all.



While discipline issues are extremely rare at Ovations, please note that a three strikes behavior policy is in place. If a student is disruptive, a warning will be given. A second warning will result in an in-class time-out, and a discussion with the director. Parents will be notified via email. If the behavior continues, parents will be contacted, and the student will be dismissed from the program.


We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying or violence of any kind; parents of performers exhibiting this behavior will be contacted immediately to pick up their child.


There will be no tuition refund for a student dismissed due to behavior issues.



Ovations strives to provide an engaging, hands-on environment that encourages learning through participation and observation. Smartphones can be valuable tools for recording music or other pertinent information but should be put away when not in use for that purpose. During class time, there will be no texting, social media, recording other students without their permission, playing games, listening to music, watching videos, etc.


Toys, games, audio devices, and other personal items not needed for rehearsal should be left at home. If you must bring a personal item, such as a water bottle, please label it with your name. Ovations accepts no responsibility for any lost or stolen personal items.


Tuition for each production is $375, due at the first rehearsal. Outstanding balances will incur a late fee of $25 for every 30 days past due.  


We have a limited number of scholarships available for students who demonstrate financial need. Please contact us to request more information.


Performers are expected to arrive on time and prepared, with a script and a pencil. Full participation is required, including taking direction, accepting guidance, practicing at home, and memorizing lines by the deadline given. Clothing and shoes should be conducive to movement and dance. No flip flops.



The rehearsal schedule is like a puzzle, put together with consideration for individual conflicts provided at the time of auditions. While we do not want contagious children attending rehearsal, last-minute absences do impact the schedule, and all involved. If a performer must miss due to illness, it is important to communicate with the director with as much notice as possible. Advance approval by the director is required for any conflicts that arise after submitting your conflict sheet.




Parents will be required to complete and sign medical and media release forms for each performer enrolled at Ovations before they can begin rehearsals. These forms must be completed every calendar year and will not be kept from previous years. If your child’s details change, a new form can be completed at any time, upon request.




Whether you have questions, concerns, or compliments, we want to hear from you! We can be reached by email at, by phone at (949) 439-1941, or in person at the studio.


We are committed to providing feedback and resolutions in a timely manner.




We understand that occasionally there may be unforeseen circumstances necessitating a performer to relinquish their role. We respect those difficult decisions, but encourage performers to honor their commitment whenever possible, even if it’s not the role they hoped for. Theatre is a team sport, where the performers rely on each other to make the show a success. It is difficult to recast a role after rehearsals have begun. In addition, the show budget is based upon the number of performers enrolled. For those reasons, once you have accepted a role in an Ovations production, you are responsible for paying the entire tuition cost, regardless of whether you choose to attend rehearsals and/or participate in the production. There will be no refunds.

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