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Celebration Pinwheels

Celebration Pinwheels has been created as a fundraiser to support Ovations Performing Arts; a youth theater in RSM which has been idle since March.  As we strive to keep our youth theater from closing during this difficult time, we believe this fundraiser is the perfect solution.


The teens that decorate your yard are gainfully employed. They are respectful and do a wonderful job. They have purpose and enjoy the surprise they are delivering. Our teens rise up at 5:00 am most mornings, to deliver a wonderful surprise to multiple recipients daily.  Ovations is very proud of our team and how they represent our theater. They are a talented group of kids and you will not be disappointed with your decorated yard. 


We know that in the current environment our story is not unique. Ovations believes in giving something for your donation. Ovations is a 501(c)(3) registered organization and if needed we can give you a charitable donation receipt. Thank you for taking the time to read about Celebration Pinwheels.  


If you are interested in booking a reservation please complete our booking form.  Someone from our team will reach out to you for confirmation of your booking and payment information.  Bookings are not confirmed until a deposit is made for the reservation.

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